Polyester Staple Fibre – Material Safety Data Sheet

Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification

Product Name : Polyester Staple Fibre
Trade Names: BST® Polyester Staple Fibre
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer : SINOPEC YiZheng Chemical Fibre Co.Ltd.
Address : YiZheng City , JiangSu Province ,PRC.
Postalcode : 211900
Phone Number : 86-800-828-6580

Section 2 - Composition / Information on Ingredients

Section 3 - Hazards Identification

Emergency Overview
Under normal conditions of use and handling, this product is not expected to create
any health or safety hazards.
Potential Health Effects
Dust generated in high speed spinning operations can be irritating to the skin and
eyes. The irritation could be due to the finish which is usually concentrated in the dust.
Burning this product may produce carbon monoxide, oxides of antimony, and
aldehydes. Carbon monoxide can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Section 4 - First Aid Measures

No specific intervention is indicated. Consult a physician if necessary.
Skin Contact
The fibre is not likely to be hazardous by skin contact, but cleansing the skin after
use is advisable.
Eye Contact
In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15
minutes. Call a physician.
No specific intervention is indicated as fibre is not likely to be hazardous by
ingestion. Consult a physician if necessary.

Section 5 - Fire Fighting Measures

Extinguishing Media
Water, Foam, Dry Chemical, CO2
Fire Fighting Instructions
Evacuate personnel to a safe area. Keep personnel removed and upwind of fire.
Wear self-contained breathing apparatus. Wear full protective equipment.

Section 6 - Accidental Release Measures

Safeguards (Personnel)
Review Fire Fighting Measures and Handling (Personnel) sections before
proceeding with clean-up. Use appropriate personal protective equipment during
Spill Clean Up
Polyester staple fibre present no unusual spill or release potential. Shovel or sweep
up for disposal.

Section 7 - Handling and Storage

No special requirements for handling or storage, other than to store away from
incompatible materials.

Section 8 - Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

Exposure Controls
While no special controls or handling procedures are required, it is recommended
that exposure to any inhalational material be minimized by the use of adequate
ventilation, such as local exhaust, effective containment, and personal cleanliness.
Personal Protective Equipment
Eye/Face:Wear safety glasses with side shields.
Skin:Leather or cotton gloves are recommended.

Section 9 - Physical & Chemical Properties

Specific Gravity:(1.33~1.45 )g/cm3
Melting Point :(255~260) deg C
Flash Point : Not applicable. Material will burn in a fire
Water Solubility : Insoluble
Form : Fibre
Color : Clear and colorless, white if product contains titanium dioxide (TiO2.)
Odor : Odorless
Volatiles :≤0.20%(Only the finishes will volatilize below the melting point)
Limited Oxygen Index:(21~22)%
Boiling Point: not applicable

Section 10 - Chemical Stability & Reactivity Information

Chemical Stability
Stable under normal temperatures and pressures.
Conditions to Avoid
Temperatures above approximately 440 deg F (225 deg C) will cause decomposition in the presence of oxygen.
Incompatibility With Other Materials
None reasonably foreseeable.
Hazardous Polymerization
Will not occur.
When polyester staple fibre is burned, no unusual combustion gases have been
observed, and its combustion products are similar to those of other organic materials
composed of the same elements. 

Section 11 - Toxicological Information

Polyester staple fibre is non toxic.
This product may contain up to 0.35% TiO2 as a light scattering agent to impart
white color. When incorporated into the fibre, we do not believe TiO2 presents a
significant hazard.
The product is coated with finishes which have been toxicologically evaluated and
found to be generally of a low order of acute oral and inhalation toxicity in animals and
of dermal toxicity in humans. They do not present a significant health hazard in their
normal use.

Section 12 - Ecological Information

Polyester staple fibre is nontoxic.
Polyester staple fibre is essentially non-biodegradable, but some of the fibre
finishes are biodegradable. It contains no significant percentage of materials
extractable by contact with ambient waters.

Section 13 - Disposal Considerations

This product, as supplied, is not regulated as a hazardous waste,comply with state
and local regulations for disposal.
Waste Disposal
It is stable in all recommended use environments and requires no special spill handling procedure.
Polyester fibre may be disposed of by incineration, preferably by recovering the
energy for other uses. The fibre produces offgases during incineration which are similar
to those produced by the incineration of other natural and man-made fibres, with
negligible Nox. Polyester Staple Fibres made from Polymers containing low levels of
sulfur may produce SOx when incinerated

Section 14 - Transportation Information

Transportation must be in accordance with applicable Federal, State/Provincial, and Local
regulations,have no special requirements.

Section 15 - Other Information

If burned by contact with molten material, cool as quickly as possible. Do not peel
the material from skin. Minimize the dust generation and accumulation to avoid the
air-dust explosive mixers produced by the physical movement.
Note to physicians
Burns should be treated as thermal burns. The material will come off as naturally,
therefore immediate removal from the skin is not necessary.
Other Information
The information contained herein is based on current knowledge and experience,
which does not mean sufficient and correct in all cases. Users can make independent
determinations on the information from all sources to assure proper transportation, the
safety and health of employee and the protection of the environment.

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